JavaScript Some Method

By onjsdev

Jan 20th, 2024

Javascript some method determines whether at least one element in an array matches a certain condition provided by a callback function. It returns true if a match is found, false otherwise.


some((element, index, array) => { /* … */ })

The some() method takes a callback function as its parameter, which is executed once for each element in the array.

The callback function takes three arguments:

  • element: The current element being processed.
  • index (optional): The index of the current element in the array.
  • array (optional): The array that some() was called upon.


Here is an example of using the some() method to check if an array has at least one even number:

const numbers = [1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9];

const hasEvenNumber = numbers.some((number)=> {
  return number % 2 === 0;

console.log(hasEvenNumber); // true

In the example above, the some() method returns true as the array includes at least one even number.

Key Points

  • some() does not modify the original array.
  • It stops iterating as soon as it finds a match.
  • It's often used with other array methods like filter(), map(), and every().


In this article we have discussed the javascript some() method used to test whether at least one element in an array passes a provided function.

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